Experimental Clinic

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Category: TS Seduction

Reuven wants to abandon smoking so bad he is willing to attempt anything. Anything. He signs up for an experimental approach at a personal clinic where Yasmin Lee has the cure for what ails him. He fills out all the consent kinks, glides off his clothes, drinks a liquid that helps him sleep and waits for the cure. Yasmin hooks up 2 tens units and a series of gooey pads to Reuven’s body. Once he is entirely bound to the couch and vulnerable, Yasmin lights up a cigarette and blows the smoke in his face and spunk-pump. When Reuven doesn’t respond, she uses palms and gullet to get him hard. As he scarcely stirs awake, she peels off and raises her ample cock in his mouth. She fucks in on the medical sofa, using a fake poon on his shaft while she stuffs his caboose. He spunks from all the spear play and Yasmin resumes to boink him farther until she is well-prepped for more manhood deep throating.

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