Cat calling on Campus

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Michael pushes a sandwich in his gullet and watches the pretty college women. He’s showcasing off for his pals by bellowing at Paris as she walks back from class. For him it’s just another damsel walking by, for her, he’s a peace of meat who will pay for being such a pecker. Paris follows him back to his shop, deep throats him off while he grasps her hair and makes her oral job his furious spear. She lets him take control and sense like he is in charge. When he spunks from her gullet, Paris swiftly zip ties his hands together and asks him to munch her twat. She lets out her hard lollipop right in his face as he fights to get away. She makes him blow her off and reminds him that cat calling lady students will get him fired if she tells. He has no choice, he doesn’t want this but he needs his job and Paris knows it. She pulverizes his booty relentlessly until she is prepared to jizz in his mouth. And the indefatigable Paris wants one more spunk from her gay-for-pay fellow, so she uses a pump to get his chisel rock-hard again and then jacks him off one more time.

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