Spectacular Chanel Santini Makes Will Havoc’s Dream Come True

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Category: TS Seduction

Will Havoc is enduring from writer’s block and money woes. Desperate for inspiration he checks into the Hotel Majestic. But the hotel owner’s daughter has other plans for him. The stellar Chanel Santini takes it upon herself to give him the real inspiration he needs, seducing him for her own fantasies. Will gargles Chanel’s fantastic meatpipe and dives face-first into her molten, ideal culo, idolizing her in every way. Then she screws him rigid, holding him down on the sofa so she can drive her trun as deep into him as he can take. Will shoots a load while being screwed and Chanel helps him neat it up with a cum-soaked kiss, before Chanel blows her own fountain and Will shares it with her too. A cum-drenched partnership is born!

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