Desire Stealing

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Category: TS Seduction

You fantasize about it all time. A luxurious chick seducing you, taking you home and – to your shock and dread – she exposes her own hard manmeat to you. You say you don’t want this, you fight, you worry what your gf will think, your buddies…but there her manmeat is, pushing down your jaws… Vennue has this desire, it’s permanently on his mind like a hopeful, fearful voice in the back of his head. After a night out on the town, this voice is notably noisy. So loud that he still hears it when he passes out in an alley. Morgan hears his call and ties him up so there is no escaping her plans. She jerks his pipe until he ejaculates and uses every inch of Vennue’s jaws, throat and butt as she steals his desire and makes it her own.

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