A Dorm Apartment Threesome with a Surprise 3rd Cock

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TsSeduction.com debuts Transsexual Girl – a southern belle with a whole lot of bang. Doll in her very first sequence tops 2 guys – pulverizing them both and getting boink herself. Nymph and Vince encountered at the campus pub a few weeks ago and have been each others favourite bum call ever since. Vince loves Damsels “secret” and is permanently ditching all his plans whenever she calls. They are right in the middle of 69ing when Mike – Vince’s chemistry tutor – knocks on the door. Vince attempts to shoo him away but Mike is a super-naughty guy with a chip on his shoulder about being the “smart” one. Female enjoys this idea of boning a beefy football player and a bashful Engineering Major simultaneously. She entices Mike, binds him up and fellates his sausage while Vince fucks her from behind. Mike can’t see what Vince is draining and proceeds to have the biggest mad pipe to the point of agony. Just when he is about to jizm, as he pleads to drill her too, Woman straddles him and thrusts her penis in his gullet. Now it’s a threesome. Vince sits back and lets Mike get what he so eagerly thought he wanted to have when he first arrived. Chick ravages both men in the bootie. Vince willingly taking the romping, Mike fighting to escape at first but once Lady’s hard-on is in his virgin rump, he yells in delight and begins begging for more.

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