Speed Dating

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Category: TS Seduction

Janet is looking for new people to fool around with, nothing serious, just a great time. She signs up for a speed dating event at a bar on the other side of town and is astonished to find everyone there has marriage in mind and nothing more. Ash is having the same bad luck with the dolls he is tryst in this round robin dating circle. The 2 are about to surrender when the last rotation puts them together. Their chemistry is instantaneous and they break the rules and sneak off to Janet’s apartment. Ash doesn’t believe Janet when she tells him she’s a different kind of woman. So Janet makes a bargain – if she flashes him her weenie, he’ll have to inhale it. Ash bods he’s got nothing to worry about until Janet unwraps her undies and unveils her massive, long boner. The sex just got hotter and Ash gets his cherry bootie penetrated and takes a throatful, a gullet utter of her rigid sausage.

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