The Champange Apartment If you don’t got no money, your broke rump is getting fucked

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Derrick’s mates toss a bachelor soiree that might break up his marriage before it even commences. The Vegas cops cruise by while his buddies are buying the night’s “party favours”, and the guys scatter ditching each other in a furious dash to out run the fuzz. Derrick ducks into deprived club on the edge of The Unclothe where Babe is having a very slow night. As she converses up Derrick, the cops come into the bar and in a fright he agrees to the wine room. His second error of the night… The champagne pops, Stunner embarks working her charm and Derrick is back to this being the best night of his life. That is, until she tells him the champagne embarks at a thousand bucks. He’s broke, she peed. Honey has had enough of these California wish men hustling into Vegas and thinking it’s the sample tray at Costco. Derrick is going to fulfill her needs tonight kicking off by deep throating her giant trouser snake that she pushes down his protesting throat. Babe captures Derrick’s prick in one palm and his cell phone in the other and makes it very clear she will call his wife and the cops that just pursued him into the club. She porks his butt, strokes him off and teases him when his wifey calls while he is deep-throating champagne off her sausage and bum.

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