A Taxi Driver’s Trip of the Armory; The TOTAL tour

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Foxxy’s shuttle driver from the airport will not let up. He wants to know all about the mysterious Porn Palace and is wooed he is a supreme fit for the porn he thinks gets made behind the brick walls. Foxxy uses his macho charm to goat him into having a little additional excursion with rope. She takes him to his brink and then pulls back, keeping his trouser snake hard while she shoves his boundaries. She uses candle paraffin wax and limit bondage to rip up with his head and then asks if he’s ever gargled pecker. “Definitely not. That’s what you nymphs do” he states. Is that right? She gets a dildo on a stick and coaxes it into his jaws, slyly keeping his fuckpole rigid while she does it. When he loosens, she peels off unveiling her own firm spear, and he loses it. Pleading, wriggling, and yet pinned down by the bondage. Foxxy lets out her relentless smashing and doesn’t stop until Leo is a utter, complete, sweat-soaked mess.

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