Raging, Furious Science The Making of The Ultimate Woman

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There is something for everyone in this wish Halloween fucky-fucky, sci-fi bang festival, gawping the unbelievably magnificent, Nika Noire as the furious doctor, the manstick of horror proportions – Babe Foxx as Catalina, and the tall, dark and naive stranger – Chris Ockham. There is sumptuous deviance brewing on the hill in that dark palace no one dare come in. Nika Noire is firm at work on her recent advancement in total world dominance – Catalina – a skinny, toned, Ten inch pipe owning chick. She’s eventually done it. Catalina lives, breathes, nails…her penis is massive, rigid and cascading pre-ejaculatory fluid. Nika slips Catalina’s rod inwards her and cums shape the gusto of knowing she built her. Now she must teach her how to seduce fresh recruits. As the girls damsel up and get prepared for a night on the town, a wicked storm blows in the census dude who evidently has no idea to avoid this mansion. He cascades with rain and passion as Nika – who never missing a step or opportunity coos – “rarely is the meat delivered….”. With that Chris is captured and strapped to the operation table while the femmes fellate his sausage, pummel his face and draw jizz from him like a load. One more sip of the gimp elixir and the romp starts. Every stance possible from Nika’s belt dick and Catalina’s girthy chisel. All trio nail like sweaty dogs jacking more jizm out of Chris, climaxes from Nika’s greedy muff and a massive wad of cum from Catalina’s spear.

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