Lady in Devil Sundress Mia Isabella switchs from Lamb to Lion and engulfs her guy.

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Her arms bound back, feet trussed together, and cropped firmly to the couch. Mia shifts vulnerably wondering if anyone will ever return and save her. Skimpy Mia. Oh, scanty, poor Mia…. Did something seem not right with that sentence? Do you get the perceiving Mia is playing a lil’ game, trying to bait a red-hot boy to “save” her. Her distressed calls ring out in the decadent rooms of the Armory’s Upper Floor. Finally, someone hears her and the games truly begin…. Mia has a cock you can see from across the apartment so take a supreme look at the images where not one inch of her Ten inch shaft can been seen inwards Jesse’s bum. Submerged so deep he is breathless and he completes off sans Mia fondling his sausage. Just like that, the lamb becomes the lion as Mia takes total control of Jesse and possesses his body. She screws like a stallion and spunks so sweetly in the trussed stud’s face.

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