Transexual Temptation of the Quarter Back Bathroom Take Down

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Category: TS Seduction

Foxxy and Parker are so super-hot for each other, they both thrust each other’s limits in this torrid locker room scene. Parker is the All Yankee football crew man – he sweetly convinces the head of the dance team to sneak into the showers with him after the game. The 2 are so steamy for each other there is scarcely time to get their clothes off before the shower is running. Foxxy prays for Parker to mouth plow her hard until his pinkish cigar is in the back of her mouth. Gagging and drooling, Foxxy’s own dick stiffens and she is prepped to unsheathe to Parker what he has no idea he is about to inhale. With her meatpipe in his face, Parker leisurely heads outside his thresholds and lets Foxxy jaws pound him. A penis in his mouth was never something he thought he would like, but his own rigid meatpipe tells the truth. Foxxy takes his explosion in her jaws and gives it back to him – a highly first for both of them.

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