Ravaged: TRANSSEXUAL Khloe Hart debuts as an Backside smashing Switch

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Category: TS Seduction

TsSeduction.com debuts the SMOKING SUPER HOT Khloe Hart, in her first ever assfuck episode. Khloe tops from the bottom – I mean TOPS from the bottom. She is so sumptuous and determined and sloppy, it is rock hard to believe she has never flipped a guy over and pounded him the way she loves to take it. Today we let Khloe just have at Dutch – the two are so sizzling for each other and it demonstrates in their kissing. Khloe gets so rigid during the taunting and denial vignette for Dutch that she slams her weenie in his bum and just heads for it! Now – give her a break here – she’s NEW to boning and so she gives some, but then wants to go back to the bottom where she can truly drive Dutch insane as he sweats, pants and works for her. Khloe and Dutch almost munch each other alive and jizz shoots out of both their dicks. A super-sexy debut for Khloe who will no doubt come back to do more romping and more awesome gonzo topping.

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